Murphy Landscapes

What Murphy Landscapes offers

Whatever you want to achieve with your outdoor space, we’ll make it happen. We will work with you to get the best use of your backyard.


We specialise in soft and hard landscaping meaning we do the following;



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 At Murphy Landscapes theres a experienced carpentry team ready to go.

We offer a service that ensures you get the style, shape, and features you want.

Murphy Landscapes offers all the carpentry needed outdoors of your home.

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Murphy Landscapes
Murphy Landscapes

Concrete and Stonemasonry


 At Murphy Landscapes we have extensive expertise in concrete laying and stonemasonry.


Our standards of workmanship are second to none.


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Soft Landscaping


Murphy Landscapes can help construct that beautiful garden you have dreamed of.


Advice and design


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Murphy Landscapes
Murphy Landscapes




Shaping your backyard to your desires and producing the perfect lawn.




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Outdoor Lighting


With our in-house electrician at Murphy Landscapes we can light up your outdoor areas with outstanding results.



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Murphy Landscapes
Murphy Landscapes

Planter Box

 Inspired by travel experiences we have constructed planter boxes to bring a vibe into your business or home.
Three types;
Almafi Box – Inspired by the Italian Almafi coast.
Maui Box – Inspired by the Hawaiian tropics
Byron Bay – Inspired by Byron Bay tropics.
Of course we can make custom plant boxes just for you.
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